Macarthur Ukulele Group (the Uke-a-Lips)

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How It All started

The group was originally started in mid 2012 by two ukulele students Susan Lalich and Julie Bates who attended lessons with John Chandler at Macarthur Community College.  The objective of the group was to meet other like minded ukulele players and participate in events within the wider ukulele club community.  Initially meetings were held at a private residence and then at the Leumeah Hotel. John Chandler from SSCUM , Rob, Steve & Jenny from Blue Mountains Ukulele Group and Unkle Cyril from the Swingaleles were all kind enough to provide some mentoring in the initial stages. In late 2012 Stephen Varhegyi assumed the role of group leader.  Stephen has been playing guitar for over 40 years and was able to quickly adapt to the ukulele and provide some leadership at the meetings.  

The Group Today

As at April 2014, the group had almost 60 registered members with new people coming each month.  Our second committee election was held on 13th April 2014 and the following people were elected:

Stephen Varhegyi (President)   Fergus Benton (Vice President)    Susan Lalich (Secretary)

Norm Hare  (Treasurer)   Robyn Druce  (Committee Person)   Carol Hulme   (Committee Person)

The Future

As our skills improve and our repertoire grows we intend to participate in future ukulele club events and festivals, such as Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival, Central Coast, Illawarra Springstrum etc. It is our aim to take our place amongst the family of ukulele clubs throughout Australia.